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Prenatal.  Birth.  Postnatal.


Is Birth Support right for you?
The short answer is always, yes. 

Scroll for more info on why.

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Studies show having a Doula can mean...



Physical, emotional and informational support. Here to help your birth be as safe as satisfactory as possible. 


Support that allows you to understand, appreciate and harness your choice. Information and exploration of your birthing rights. 


As a Doula I will campaign for your choice, nurture your voice and promote your agency. 


I strongly believe doula support should not be a 'one sized fits all'. My support is tailored to your unique needs and wants. 



500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158


Tel: 123 - 456 - 7890

Fax: 123 - 456 - 7890


Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


I am a Glasgow based Doula, available to take on in-person clients in the area or offer remote support to birthing people based anywhere.  

My ethos is to encourage birthing people to tap into their rights & intuitions.  Having a Doula by your side - through pregnancy, birth and beyond - is not about having someone there to make decisions for you, or tell you what is right for you, your body and your baby. It is about having a support system that creates space, nurtures encouragement & shares unbiased information with you, helping you on your own, individual birthing journey. Here to allow you to better realise and solidify, your own needs, desires and power throughout pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  

Throughout my doula work I bring in my knowledge of yoga, breathwork, meditation & discussion. I strive to not only help you build the tools to respond to your emotional, physical and spiritual needs, but also to allow this incredible journey to feel as supported & tasty as it has the power to be! 

Remember: It is YOUR body and YOUR decision. And your choice’s should be made consciously and informatively by YOU.

It is YOUR body and YOUR decision. And your choice’s should be made consciously and informatively by YOU.

Doula Packages

My Doula Packages

As a Doula I always tailor my support to what you as a birthing person need. 

Below are a few examples of what my Doula care might look like if appropriate to your situation.

But my support is by no means limited to these services alone. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the support you need more specifically,

message me or book in a free call.   

Prenatal Support. 

Helping guide you through your pregnancy, preparing you for your birth & allowing you to feel confident in the process. 

  • Introductory 'getting-to-know-you' session - vital for creating individualised support 

  • Detailed birth planning session - where we will explore your options & desires for YOUR birth, & how you can best prepare

  • Prenatal yoga flows 

  • Guided meditation & visualisation practices

  • Pregnancy & Birthing breathwork techniques

  • Birth partner session - optional: to discuss birth partner's  concerns & questions. Advising how their role can be as beneficial as possible

  • Listening support - working through any fears or questions you have as a birthing person, concerning pregnancy, birth & the postpartum period

  • Getting to know your birth rights

  • Understanding how to optimise your birthing experience eg. creating your birth environment/maximising oxytocin/ how to minimise pain & fear etc...

  • Phone & whatsapp support throughout pregnancy

  • Optional add-on session should you feel you need more support

Pregnant belly_edited.jpg

Birthing Support. 

Allowing you to feel as relaxed, confident, informed & prepared for the birth that you want. 

  • Finalising birth planning

  • Emotional & informational support offered in response to the feelings that might arise in your final stages of pregnancy

  • On-call from 38-weeks to beyond your 'due-date'

  • With you during labour from 'whenever you might need me' to the arrival of your baby

  • Creating optimum birthing environment

  • Offering birthing breathwork, affirmations & visualisations

  • Positional & movement techniques to optimise birth & minimise pain

  • Working through tips/techniques for the different stages of labour

  • Understanding labour

  • Sign posting information & resources to help you understand & work towards the birth of your choice

  • Optional natural photography or birth & first moments with baby  - if this is something you would like

  • Birth partner support & advice during labour

  • Sensitivity & awareness surrounding yours &/or your birth partner's privacy

  • Optional placenta transportation if this is something you've arranged

  • Optional postnatal debrief of birth

Postnatal Support. 

There to nourish and hold you as a mother. Helping create the space for you to ease into & adapt to your postnatal period. 

  • Postnatal planning session

  • Debrief of birth - should you wish to share your birth story

  • Providing nourishing plant-based postnatal meals & nutrient rich batch cooking packages

  • Personalised postnatal Yoga sessions

  • Listening support

  • Light housework

  • Optional unobtrusive postnatal photography - transparently capturing your first moments of parenthood

  • Looking after your baby so you can get the necessary rest

  • Watching over & entertaining older siblings

  • Relaxation & guided meditation practices


At every stage of my Doula support I also offer fuss-free, unstaged, natural, intimate photography as a small memento of your birthing journey.
For more info on this & some examples of my work 

Get in touch. 

If you want to know more about my Doula service, have any questions or want to make an enquiry, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Or give me a follow on instagram to find out a bit more about what I offer and receive regular birthing tips. 

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