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Prenatal.  Flow.  Restorative.

​Actively steadying the mind, playfully exploring the body & consciously reconnecting with you.


Using Yoga to create space in body & mind. Quietening thoughts and focusing on movement


Create fluidity inside & outside, getting rid of any stagnant feelings and emotions


Using your breath to find some much needed stillness & calm amongst our often hectic lives


Connecting body & mind, internal & external, breath & movement. Ultimately  connecting to YOU 


I was trained in both multi-style and holistic yoga in India, my practice is influenced by Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin. However my main focus is always on well-being and the relationship between mind & body. My holistic yoga training allows me to mould classes around your needs, working with specific parts of the body and areas you hope to open & explore mentally and physically.

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1-1 Yoga Classes

Learn Yoga from the comfort of your own home. Classes designed specifically with you and your physical and mental needs in mind. My background in holistic yoga and multi-style training allows me to shape the classes, energy, rhythm, focus and benefits around YOU and YOUR needs.

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I know that the world of yoga can sometimes feel daunting and impenetrable. 

But I truly believe there is a yoga practice out there for everyone & feel passionate about helping people find the right one for them so everyone can feel the benefits of yoga.

It isn't just about flexibility, strength or sitting still.

It shouldn't matter what it looks like, you've got to find what speaks to you and gives you the most benefits.

Yoga practice can be as individual and unique as we are, you just have to find the flow for you.




It was a wonderful lesson - calming though energising. Each task carefully explained if necessary, catering for level and expertise of student. Informative and felt confident that she knew her trade. Friendly, intuitive lesson - thoroughly enjoyable.


Liberty is an amazing yoga teacher and also a genuinely lovely person. Her directions are clear and precise and I love that she sets a theme to her classes. This gives you something to really work on and helps to focus your mind. I highly recommend Liberty.


She is really attentive to the needs of her class and is great at gentle, hands-on, alignment which can help you to get more out of a pose without pushing you too far. She is also very observant and patient - I always feel better and more relaxed after a class with her. 


Liberty’s flows are calm and deliberate, so I find I can often get through whole sequences without needing to open my eyes to check what move is coming next. It's a pleasure to practice yoga with her!


Liberty is a fantastic yoga teacher and a true sunshine ray of a human! You can tell she has a deep understanding of the traditional practices of yoga, even those off the mat, which I feel is sometimes harder to come by.


Interested in giving yoga a go?

Connect with me to discuss what your needs and interests are to find the yoga that's right for you.

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